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VSO, the most beautiful Big Tops in the world

Since 1964, Voilerie du Sud-Ouest (VSO) has developed and acquired savoir-faire that’s unique in Europe, thus setting the global benchmark for big tops and tents for performing arts. VSO’s traditional, modern or new-generation structures are among the most beautiful Big Tops in the world. Sturdier, more lightweight high-tech materials have boosted structure performance and size for ever greater diversity of use. Designed in our engineering and design department and manufactured in our workshops, VSO structures are delivered ready for use with all fittings: they comply with French CTS regulations and international safety standards.

Big Tops

For the past 50 years, VSO has been designing, manufacturing and setting up modern and traditional big tops for circus professionals.

Marquees for events

Using sturdier, more lightweight fabrics, the imagination knows no bounds. We have Big Tops suitable for all events.

Textile architecture

Serving top engineering and design departments in textile architecture, VSO manufactures membranes for metal and textile structures.

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