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VSO, manufacturer of marquees for events

Marquees for events manufactured by VSO are among the biggest structures ever produced. Designed by VSO and manufactured in our workshops in France, VSO marquees are delivered ready for use with all fittings, structure, benches etc. Traditional circus tents made of tarpaulin panels supported by poles, are gradually being ousted by big tops with a new, modern design.

Textiles and CAD tools have been harnessed to improve their performance by incorporating the double curve in particular. Our big tents comply with CTS regulations and can be certified throughout the world.

Do you have a marquee project?


Designing a big top

Big Tops are designed according to your project. The event inspires the design and shape of the big top. The big top’s technical features are adapted to the type of event and the theme. VSO can design fully customised Big Tops drawing inspiration from the most beautiful décor.   

New-generation Big Tops

Modern and avant-garde Big Tops have many special features thanks to the architectural research: modular elements for the roof, with doubly curved, stretched PVC/polyester membranes, poles replaced by cables and hangers to increase interior volume, masts replaced with 3-dimensional arches outside the covered area.


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Marquees for events New-design marquees for events, New-generation marquees for events

Creating the big top to fit the event

VSO staff will draw inspiration from your event to design your big top, thus providing an arena for performing arts. Preliminary studies are important for our staff to become familiar with the customer’s expectations and requirements, installation specifics etc. VSO staff must first determine all these points to give an idea of budget.  The structure and design of the big top depend on many criteria, for example: whether the event is to be held in one or more places, the local climate/s, whether a stage is to be included, required seating capacity, necessary annexes etc.

If you have a marquee project

Would you like to consult VSO for your marquee project? The VSO sales force is ready to listen to you, advise you and direct you. Contact us for an accurate response with the best turnaround.


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