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VSO's values

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VSO’s values

Valuing and cultivating savoir-faire

“Art and Stuff” is our signature, neatly summing up our ambition: our staff’s creative flair and savoir-faire teamed with modern manufacturing techniques for our fabrics,  to bring our clients unique big top solutions that stand out. 

Determined to undertake new challenges and be the best

VSO share’s BHD’s entrepreneurial spirit, with staff ever ready to contribute to the successful completion of high-flying aims and customer satisfaction. VSO’s commitment to ongoing improvement is built into its genetic make-up, shining through its relations with customers, partners and employees on a daily basis.


With sturdier, more lightweight high-tech materials, VSO is constantly boosting Big Top performance and size. Tomorrow’s performance textiles will be smart and connected. They have already captured our imagination with the most “beautiful frames in imagination”. Constantly on the lookout, VSO provides their customers with unique structures that push back the boundaries in terms of creative flair.

Protecting people and goods

VSO certifies full control over its structures in full compliance with the strictest regulations to ensure the safety of people and goods at each event. General and reinforced French CTS regulations, NV 65 regulations and TUV approval, structures designed by VSO can be approved worldwide.

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