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Textile architecture

VSO manufacturer of structures in textile architecture

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Textile architecture

Serving top engineering and design departments in textile architecture, VSO manufactures the membranes for the metal and textile structures. Thanks to their unrivalled flexibility, low weight and strength, textile constructions can be used to cover very large surface areas. Textile architecture offers up all sorts of possibilities given the supple materials, how the canvas is fitted and the shapes.

Manufacturers with reputed savoir-faire, VSO has mastered modern manufacturing techniques and can take up all the challenges of contemporary textile architecture.

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VSO, partnering ACS PRODUCTION for your textile architecture projects

BHD subsidiary ACS PRODUCTION is a design office with a global reputation for textile architecture in all spheres (sports centres, stadium grandstands, swimming pools, awnings, shelters, canopies, covered ways, stretch ceilings, façade coverings, etc.) VSO is a manufacturer partner to ACS PRODUCTION to deliver your textile architecture project ready to use.  All our constructions comply with best practices as set forth in the reference document “Recommendations for designing permanent textile roof structures” drafted in 1997 by the textile architecture sector.

If you have a textile architecture project

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