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“Big Tops are not just tents. They symbolise the circus. The Big Top is a time-honoured arena of fun-time symbolising freedom and independence. The range encompasses tents for nomads to giant domes, which can be put up and taken down, one of the most beautiful frames for the imagination in modern circuses. ” Pascal Jacob

For over 50 years, VSO has been developing and acquiring unique savoir-faire in Europe, setting the global benchmark in big tops. The traditional, modern and new-generation Big Tops designed and manufactured by VSO are among the most beautiful in the world. High-tech composites are sturdier and more lightweight, helping VSO upgrade performance and size for a wide range of end uses.

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Traditional Big Tops

With their distinctive canvas held up by poles, VSO’s traditional Big Tops are now being replaced with new shapes. Modern materials and CAD tools have helped to improve VSO’s Big Top performance, with the use of double curvature and poles. The style remains in keeping with tradition.  

Modern Big Tops

VSO’s modern Big Tops stand out because they have no poles. The design only features double curvature to withstand wind. Interior volume is considerably larger, increasing spectator comfort. VSO’s modern Big Tops can be used for all sorts of performing arts and activities. 

New-generation Big Tops

Typically leading the way in terms of architectural innovation, modern and avant-garde Big Tops have some special features: a doubly curved roof made with stretched modular membrane elements in PVC/polyester, without poles for a greater interior volume using cables and hangers and with masts replaced with 3-dimensional arches outside the covered area.


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Design and preliminary studies

VSO works with top partners in the sector for preliminary and more comprehensive studies. To make its Big Tops, VSO relies on renowned engineering and design departments: ACS Production and Astéo, whose structures are reputed throughout the world. Harnessing its calculating power and experience in calculating complex structures, VSO sizes aluminium and steel frames with textile covers for all sizes.

Depending on your big top’s pitching requirements, how you’ll be using it, how often you put it up and take it back down, VSO studies the initial shape of a structure and membrane meeting curvature and aesthetic requirements. Membrane shape can reduce internal efforts when optimised. The Big Top’s shape hinges on the minimum surface, with leeway in cable tension and depending on warp and weft direction in the membrane elements. In the second stage, the membrane is loaded and analysed for possible movement, effort, load lowering etc.

If you have a Big Top project

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